The aim of Development+ is to improve the social condition of disadvantaged children and women in Jaipur on a long term basis!

The association Development+ development for all! was founded in 2009 by Regula Willi, who carried out development work in India between 2006 and 2008 and set up the bal krriti and shakti educational projects. All members of the association are volunteers for the association projects. We thank you for your interest and your donation.

News about current situation…

The second and ongoing lockdown hits parents and children from the Bal Krriti project very hard. No work avaliable and especially the children are hungry and exhausted. A few days ago our local partner organization Anand Bharti Care and Development Society visited many families from the area. Based on the inspection and the devestating feedback, developmentplus initiated an emergency support package of around CHF 3,000. This will provide 70 families with basic food. ABCDS will distribute the food on site. We are happy for every additional donation that these families support in this difficult time.

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Our film project

Our mission

Children from the area of A.B.S. School get the opportunity to widen their spectrum of creative and social skills at the Bal Krriti Project. They also get general education, thus improving their perspectives in the future. This allows a subsequent subscription to school, where they get further support and accompaniment.

Succeeding at A.B.S. School should allow the children to enter the professional world and ease their daily lives as adults. School education provides young adults with important competencies, skills and knowledge that help them to move confidently in a professional environment.

Shakti Projectopens a door to autonomy to Indian women. They are being taught sewing, thus acquiring the possibility to reach an income that allows them to improve the quality of life of their family as well as their own.

Partner organization ABCDS

Development+ works in close cooperation with India partner organization Anand Bharti Care and Development Society (ABCDS). ABCDS was created in 1997 by Indira and Mansingh Lamba. It fights against social grievances through providing a large panell of educational and vocational training programs to social disdvantaged people. A.B.S School in the quarter of Moti Nagar in Jaipur belongs to that concept, offering classes from first to twelfth grade.

The association members of Development+

The members of the committee of Development+ are totally enthusiastic about the project and do of course not get paid for their contribution. The incredible development of Development+ during last twelve years shows us how much worth it is to be fully dedicated and get engaged with our knowledge and strengths in the projects. We gladly introduce ourselves briefly:

Regula Willi
Regula WilliPresident
The association Development+Entwicklung für alle! was created by Regula Willi. She got involved between 2006 and 2008 in development work in India and created the projects Bal Krriti and Shakti. She regularly travels to India to support the projects personally on the spot.
Nelly Willi
Nelly WilliSponsoring
Nelly Willi takes care of sponsoring and Shakti products. She knows the educational projects from the start and visited them several times already.
Laura Zaugg
Laura ZauggQM education and support of volunteers
As a teacher, Laura Willi is an important support for improving our programs, especially for Bal Krriti. She is also responsible for the care of volunteers. During several stops in Jaipur, she held workshops with Bal Krriti teachers to develop new teaching methods.
Gertrud Rüdlinger
Gertrud RüdlingerFinance
In contrast to the other club members, G. R. has only recently joined the team. She does not have any experience in India, but with her extensive knowledge and a lot of experience in educational projects and vocational training, she will actively support our concerns. With her many years of commercial professional experience, she is very familiar with administration and finances and will therefore take care of the accounting.
Julia Coronel
Julia CoronelEducational QM
Julia Coronel first came to India in 2009. She drafted the curricula annual plans as a teacher and conducted workshops as well as teacher trainings. Today, she is responsible to support the project with her pedagogical knowledge.
Sonja Jain
Sonja JainExpert in development cooperation
Sonja Jain already went to India when the projects started. She brings us accurate know-how thanks to her work in a foundation and years long lasting experience with Indian culture.
Ladina Capaul
Ladina CapaulMarketing
Ladina Roth went in 2009 for the first time to India and collected insights as well as a lot of pictures and footage material. She realized our homepage, our film presentations to 2012 and 2016 and edited a lot of pictures for us.